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What we do

At SRMG Ventures, we are committed to investing in the future of media. We believe that the industry is at the forefront of technological and creative innovation, and we are looking for the next generation of media makers.

Investing for growth and
impact, at scale

With a keen eye on where our industry is headed, we actively invest in high-potential companies and founders in content creation, data, ad-tech, and other facets of the media ecosystem, ensuring that we stay at the leading edge of innovation and technology.

Connecting financial and human
capital for the greater good

We believe that great ideas should have access to the capital and expertise they need to truly thrive. To enable tangible, lasting impact, we connect promising media and tech founders with funding, network, and deep industry expertise.

Fully unlocking your
true potential

We provide unparalleled support to our ventures through our group-wide reach, broad access to talent and technology, and 50 years of media industry expertise.

Focus areas

Media Creators

We invest in content producers to empower disruptive creators and studios in TV and animation, audio, news, social media and more.

Digital Media

We support all types of digital media in web 2.0 and 3.0 including online publications, audio/music platforms, video distribution, social media platforms, classifieds, ecommerce and more.

Media Enablers & Tools

We back software and hardware companies enabling the media ecosystem from generative AI-startups and ad-tech to monetization and data/analytics, developer tools, marketplaces and more.

Immersive & Interactive Entertainment

We fund startups in the immersive entertainment and gaming space spanning from content to technology including all major platforms, esports, AR/VR, metaverse and more.

Portfolio companies

Telfaz11 is a leading creative media studio from Saudi Arabia specializing in locally relevant entertainment content, with over 10 million subscribers on its networks and more than 2 billion views on YouTube. Telfaz11’s most recent success include the feature film “Sattar” and the Netflix show “Khallat+”. Led by a young team of storytellers and social influencers, Telfaz11 has popularized local entertainment by conceptualizing and producing a new era of innovative and impactful online content in the Arab world.

  • Investment stage: Series A
  • HQ: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Founders: Alaa Faden, Ali Kalthami, Ibraheem Alkhairallah

360Vuz is a leading social, immersive video platform based in UAE with a global footprint. The mobile app allows users to attend live events, concerts, sports, and experiences through its 360-degree live streams. The leading 360º LIVE Video Streaming mobile app also features streams and videos with celebrity interviews, masterclasses, as well as behind the scenes (or backstage) content.

  • Investment stage: Series B
  • HQ: Dubai, UAE
  • Founders: Khaled Zaatarah

Anghami is the region’s leading music and entertainment streaming platform. With 120 million registered users, a substantial subscriber base, and a catalogue comprising of more than 100 million songs, Anghami is the go-to platform for Arabic and International music, podcasts and entertainment. Since launching in 2012, Anghami has broadened its portfolio beyond music streaming. It now provides in-house productions, branded music and video content, concerts and live events, a record label for Arab artists, podcasts, a music lounge with live entertainment, exclusive and original Arabic content, along with its renowned music streaming service.

  • Investment Round: Post-IPO
  • HQ: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Founders: Eddy Maroun, Ellie Habib

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We believe that collaboration and collective effort are key to success in the rapidly-evolving media landscape. If you’re a media or tech visionary with a relentless drive to succeed, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s shape the future of media together.

You can reach us at hello(at)


  • What is the right time to reach out?

    It's always the right time to contact us. Our discussions with founders span the entire spectrum of their fundraising journey, no matter where they are in the process.

  • What industries do you invest in?

    We primarily invest in media-related companies with a focus on:

    • Media Creators
    • Digital Media
    • Media Enablers & Tools
    • Immersive & Interactive Entertainment

    More details in Focus Areas section.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount required for investment?

    The minimum investment size is not fixed as each investment opportunity is evaluated on an individual basis and in consideration of the funding stage. Additionally, we allocate a significant portion of our funding for follow-on investments to drive the expansion of our portfolio companies.

  • At what stages do you invest?

    We mainly invest in early-stage start-ups, from seed to series B, providing support and capital as they grow and mature. Before investing, we look for a clear product market fit and positive early indicators of growth and success.

    While our focus is on early-stage startups, we also recognize the value of later stage funding opportunities and may consider investments in series C and beyond if they align with our overall investment strategy and objectives.

  • Do you lead invest rounds?

    At times, we take the lead in investing, while we are also pleased to collaborate with like-minded investors and pool resources to support the growth of promising companies.

  • Do you take board seats?

    Our involvement at the board level is flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each investment. We may take on board seats, act as observers, or not be involved at the board level at all. Our approach is collaborative, and we are dedicated to finding the most effective governance structure for each investment.

  • How do I submit my company for investment?

    Reach out to us via email at . Our submission process is open and available to you throughout the year.

  • How long does the evaluation process take?

    We aim to provide swift and insightful feedback, and work efficiently to deliver a clear and decisive response in a timely manner.

  • Will you invest outside of MENA? If so, do you have specific target markets in mind?

    Our mission is to identify and support the best media-focused start-ups both regionally and globally. We are open to opportunities from all corners of the world that align with our strategic objectives and have the potential for long-term success.

    Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with pioneering founders who have a clear vision and mission, and who are committed to creating impactful and innovative media businesses.

  • Will you be investing in the long term? What timeframe are you looking at?

    Our approach to investing is focused on the long term. We believe in supporting the growth of our portfolio companies over an extended period and don't have a set timeframe for our investments. Our goal is to provide long-term value to our portfolio companies and be a partner in their success.

  • How do you help companies within your portfolio?

    We are committed to delivering value to start-ups at critical stages of their journey. We offer a full-spectrum approach focusing on fundraising, financing, corporate development, M&A and business development. Our extensive experience and network in the media sector and beyond allow us to offer strategic support, connect our founders with advisors and experts, and provide tailored assistance in securing partnerships for growth.

    Recognizing that every company is unique, we strive to offer comprehensive support that not only drives the success of the business, but also acknowledges and supports the human aspect of each company.